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Opportunity to help small businesses with social media?

Quickbooks owner Intuit posted an infographic that could be useful to local indie publishers on a couple of levels. First, it’s good stuff to share with your customers – most of whom are probably small businesses. They can see where they stand in comparison to their peers in digital marketing,  probably not research they’re  doing on their own.

Second, it reveals some opportunities that could become part of your offerings, for example helping update their social media and websites. The graphic shows that most businesses feel positively about social media and generally OK with their existing websites. But their  frequency of updating ranges from pretty good, to poor.

Ask your advertisers if they need help with posting to their websites and/or Facebook. If there’s a decent response, consider making it part of your offerings. You probably can price this work reasonably yet profitably. Not only will this service create a tighter relationship with the customer, but it also  diversifies your revenue stream.

The Expanding Small Business Web [INFOGRAPHIC]

via: The Expanding Small Business Web [INFOGRAPHIC]


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