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Full circle: a newspaper-y blog skin

Another sign of the maturing of blog technology as a solid publishing medium. (Anybody remember the 365 Days’ War over what was or wasn’t a blog?)

Now here’s a WordPress blog layout that looks more like a newspaper or magazine than a blog.

As a format within a local media site, this has potential. The all-important first screen  displays multiple entries, stories, or photos. Comments are on a continuation page, keeping the home page compact.

A lot of blog layouts serve up one post in the first screen, which is fine for a solo blogger, but it’s limiting if you have multiple entries per day, or even per hour.

I haven’t spent any time poking at this  to see advantages over the many other excellent WordPress skins, but it’s is worth checking out if you’re running a site with multiple entries. If you try it out, please share   reactions in comments below.

September 13, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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