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Who’s NOT reading the paper?

Traditionally, media companies pay a lot of attention to who’s in their audience. It’s how you sell advertising, right? Because what you’re really selling is your audience. The better you can describe your audience, the better you can speak to an advertiser’s needs.

What’s harder to think about is: who is NOT in your audience, and what are their needs? Those needs could point to new opportunities.

A recent report from ComScore describes the habits of print and online news consumers and makes some important observations. (Let’s leave aside for a moment that they’re obviously measuring usage of world/national/entertainment “news,” not the tougher category of local news.)

Here’s maybe an obvious observation:

Non-newspaper readers are likely to be younger, and they are actually heavier than average online news consumers. Meanwhile, heavy newspaper readers are more likely than average to engage with traditional print news brands online.

Here’s something less obvious:

TV news brands are also heavily visited by non-print newspaper readers, underscoring the importance of sight, sound and motion to the digital news experience. Non-readers were 29 percent more likely than the average Internet user to visit and 15 percent more likely to visit CBS News Digital.

So if you’re running a newspaper brand, what are you doing to serve those people?

And here’s a question not asked in the comScore survey, but possibly as important: how  about internet users who don’t intentionally seek out news in any medium, let alone local news? What do they need that a newspaper brand could serve?

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