Local Interactive Strategies

So, Local Interactive Strategies.

My upcoming consultancy practice is called Local Interactive Strategies. Here’s what it’s about.

After 12 years developing successful local interactive strategies in Maine, I want to help newspaper publishers through these challenging times.

Anyone around the newspaper business in 2001 thought it was tough then. In retrospect, those cost reductions might look easy. After years of continuing revenue decline, what  now?

On the contrary, I’m convinced that newspaper companies can survive, and again become successful, by re-envisioning their mission in their local communities.

I will work with newspaper publishers and their executive teams to develop the unique  vision that puts them on a new pathway to growth.
That vision will be unique because every community is unique, and every newspaper has unique strengths as part of that community.  Those strengths include the relationship  the newspaper brand has with the consumers and advertisers in the community. That relationship is an asset that cannot be underestimated. It’s the asset that competitors have tried and failed to overcome for years.

Yet the asset is at risk of losing value, rapidly. Newspaper companies must move more quickly to respond to their customers’ changing needs. It isn’t about technology and it isn’t even about “online.” It’s about being interactive and being local. And being strategic about it.

No question it’s a daunting task. Even with a new vision, it means rethinking products, processes, alignments, skillsets, expectations and rewards.

But I’m optimistic. Newspapers are in a position to learn from each other, from the successes and failures of other industries, and from breakthrough thinking  like Clayton Christensen’s Innovator’s Dilemma.  Newspapers have active revenue streams to support innovation and reinvention, revenue that any startup would salivate over.

Can 100-year-old newspapers sustain their core business and act like a startup at the same time? That’s the dilemma that Local Interactive Strategies hopes to help resolve.

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  1. Many newspapers will benefit from your help. Congratulations on your business launch.

    Comment by Harold Ong | January 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. We look forward to having you address our “Mass Comm.” course tomorrow. I thought it would be interesting for the students to hear your POV regarding the future of the Newspaper. In particular, a number of the students wanted to know “What role will “video” play in the future?” Enough said.

    Comment by Randy Visser | March 3, 2008 | Reply

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