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Changes ahead

Here’s the announcement I sent out today.  I’m sure it will filter around the grapevine, so  you might as well read it here first.

FROM:  Joe Michaud
Jan. 17,  2007
Subject:  Leaving MaineToday

At the end of April, I will be leaving MaineToday to start an independent consulting practice, helping newspapers with their interactive strategies.

This is the right time in the evolution of Blethen Maine Newspapers for me to step away. Interactive work is now part of almost everyone’s job in the company, and the momentum is clear.

It’s also the right time for me to move my career in a different direction. Many local newspapers are struggling to find their way in this new interactive world, and I believe I can help.

I have been with this company 28 years, and in online media for 12 of those. I am very proud of the work I participated in, from the important journalism during my years in the Press Herald newsroom, to the breakthrough thinking of the teams involved in online from 1995 to the present.

I was privileged to witness the total transformation of the Press Herald in the late 1980s into a new model of relevance to the community. I was again privileged to witness the blossoming of new audiences, new advertisers and new relevancy through our work in interactive media beginning in the 1990s. I feel blessed to have been part of such exciting change and impact, working alongside such talented and committed people.

When I brought my decision to leave to Blethen Maine CEO Chuck Cochrane, we both agreed that a smooth transition is extremely important. Between now and April 30, I will be working with everyone at MaineToday and with many others around the company to ensure that we maintain urgency and momentum during this period of change.

These are challenging times for all local media, and I am confident that Blethen Maine Newspapers has the right people, products, energy and attitudes to be successful in this new world.

There will be plenty of time for goodbyes before April 30. We have many exciting initiatives under way, so let’s not miss a beat.

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  1. Good luck in all your future endeavors definitely made a difference in the newspaper world and affected bigger change in the new media world.
    Thank you.


    Comment by Bernie | January 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. […] Michaud, president of, is announcing that he is leaving April 30 to start his own consulting business. Joe says he’ll be focusing on helping newspaper […]

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