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Who’s holding back whom?

Here’s some irony:

Ad buyers are complaining that online advertising metrics need to improve (well, duh) but they’re using traditional broadcast measurements as some kind of model. From an AP story attempting to explain why online spending isn’t growing faster: “Unlike traditional media, where each format has one main ratings provider — The Nielsen Co. for television, Arbitron Inc. for radio and so on — there are many sources of data on online audiences. And they frequently conflict.”

I can’t imagine a worse way to measure audiences than the way Nielsen and Arbitron do it: Give busy people a booklet and ask them to write down the things they watch on TV or listen to on the radio.

What say we do that for online ads too?

But seriously: Yes we need better data about who is seeing online ads. But more importantly we need better data about who is actually seeing TV ads and hearing radio ads. Because when advertisers find out how few people are exposed to broadcast advertising, that money will flow online.

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